With all the demands of a busy role and with little time for the recruitment process to fit into a demanding schedule, how many of you are asking the right questions at the interview stage?  How much do you prepare for the interviews ahead?

How many recruiting managers are using a recruitment matrix to select staff and scoring them accordingly?  Are you asking the same questions around the role to each candidate based on competency questions?  If not you could be open to challenges of discrimination in your interview process?

It is always good to start the process by asking about the background and experience of the applicant and why they feel the role is suitable for them?  What career path is it that they are looking for and how they can add value to your organisation?  However you need to identify what skills are essential for the role and what sort of personality is going to fit into the organisation?

Have you thought of using personality profiling to identify the balance of personalities within the team? Even at Director Level you need to ensure that if there is a lack of expertise in one key area it is complimented by another member of the board.  We all have strengths and weaknesses and few of us offer expertise in every area?

Avatar works with Thomas International and can provide that expertise for you working collaboratively to ensure the right fit!  For further information please contact Belinda Clapp on belindac@thomas.co.uk

Make sure that the questions you ask are suitable for both sexes and are not relevant to just one of them or again you could be accused of discriminating.  I am still surprised to hear of interviewers who ask discriminating questions with all the knowledge around on employee law.  Thankfully most candidates regard it with amusement, but there are those who do not!

If you do not have your own HR Consultant and team to help you through this process, use the help of many of the independent consultants who are around and who could support you for the process.  The cost could outweigh any cost of an industrial tribunal!  Avatar can put you in touch with a number who are qualified to help you.

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