Finding the right person for your vacant role can be time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Yet by working with us we can make your life easier, with deeper insights into the market, the candidates available and their salary expectations. 

Some roles require more in-depth search and selection techniques especially if the skills you are seeking are more specialised. In these cases our team will work even more closely with you to form an action plan and make the recruitment process completely successful. 

Take a look below at an example of the process we would work through with you. We understand however that each vacancy is different and we always work hard to meet your individual needs in terms of your diary, time frames, and budget.

A consultancy approach 

Stage 1:
We work closely and carefully with you to fill every vacant position you have using the process below. We will:
  • Visit your location to get a good understanding of the surroundings our candidates would be working in and gauge the routes to work/location
  • Meet with a few members of existing staff to get a feel for the culture of the company and the structure
  • Find out as much as we can from you about the vacant position and then write advertisements to attract high-calibre candidates
  • Distribute and maintain the adverts we place in media locations that have been proven to work over many years
  • Monitor the response and invite relevant prospective candidates to a telephone interview which we then carry out on your behalf
  • Arrange a one-to-one meeting with the candidates to register them fully and take relevant copies of their proof to work in the UK using their passport/visas
  • Check their personal details and professional qualifications where relevant
  • Carry out a competency-based interview using behavioural techniques
  • Build a profile of the candidate for you and update any information on their CV to support their application
  • Advise candidates on presentation and interview skills to ensure they meet your expectations if you choose to interview them
Stage 2:

When we believe we have a good selection of carefully chosen candidates we will:

  • Submit their CVs to you with any additional relevant information
  • Arrange any interviews and provide your feedback to applicants
  • Arrange further interviews if required and any attendance for assessment centres
  • Discuss feedback with both you and the candidates
Stage 3:

When you have decided on the most suitable candidate for your role we will:

  • Make an offer to the candidate and negotiate on your behalf
  • Agree start dates and discuss any additional needs with you
  • Check in with the candidate on their first day with you and monitor their progress during the first three months

To brief us on your vacancy, please get in touch.

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