How to get the best from your recruiter

It struck me today from a response to a senior position the responses from candidates to approaches on LinkedIn and Job Boards.

Responses such as “you can submit my details” without any dialogue happening always surprises me! Have you seen the job specification? What do you know about the location, the client, and industry?

Did you know that under the Conduct Regulations we need to brief you fully before submitting you and need to know that you have the right to work in the UK, your availability, your salary expectations and when you are able to interview?

The list goes on and an understanding why you are in the market and what motivates you to make a move is also essential. With the volume of candidates we recruiters are in touch with, at any given time, does mean our time is very pressured, but relationships built at this stage followed by regular contact are great!

Working collaboratively will help your search and build a relationship with your consultant. Of course, there will always be consultants who do not return your calls or emails, and this will highlight those you should be working with and those that are less experienced.

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