Recruitment is a bit like dating. There is a lot of emotion and expectation involved behind the scenes. Unexpressed hope. Fragile confidence, fear of rejection, of not being ‘good enough’.

Being aware of and empathetic to these emotions at play behind the ‘transaction’ of recruiting a new person is really important.

From the employer’s point of view, it may be a business ‘transaction’ but to the candidate, it is a life changing, sometimes house moving and school changing upheaval with huge ramifications and also risks, because of employment law, culture fit, impact on partner and children etc.  This is magnified in the uncertain world in which we now live – a VUCA world. (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)

Good experienced recruiters like Chris Dykes are essential to aid the process, the ‘match making go-between’, connecting the candidate and potential employer and keeping things smooth, expedient and moving forwards.

It is a bit like a Doula represents the interests and wishes of a mother due to give birth, representing her practical and emotional interests to the doctor and midwife, yet ensuring compliance and a safe and successful birth/outcome for the benefit of all parties.

With some candidates having to give 3-6 months’ notice, the cost of getting recruitment wrong, candidates going off the boil, and knock on impact on the running of a department and business is huge!

What do you do to ensure that your recruitment process is engaging? Is your approach building or potentially damaging your employer brand?

With Oxfordshire enjoying a high level of employment and a skills shortage in some cases, applying attention to this area and doing it well will pay dividends.

It isn’t just about wooing the right candidate at the right time, ahead of time for your company’s needs. It means positive or negative word of mouth about your company, comments on social media channels, and an average or poor review on Glassdoor.

  • Does your recruitment process acknowledge the receipt of an application?
  • How long do you take to get back to a candidate after the interview?
  • Do you give candidates feedback about how they performed in their interview?
  • Are you aware of other job options they are considering?
  • What impact does moving jobs and the timing of this have on their children’s schooling?
  • How and when do you communicate the stages of the recruitment process?
  • Do you consider applicants who aren’t an ‘exact fit’ with experience, but who have a brilliant attitude and fresh thinking bringing innovation, or do you screen them out at the outset?
  • What flexible working options do you offer to attract high quality candidates needing work flexibility?

As an analogy, good taxi companies now use technology to create fabulous customer service.

  • Confirmation of your booking by text so you have peace of mind
  • A text to let you know the taxi is on the way
  • A follow up text to let you know the taxi has arrived
  • The taxi driver calling you when they have arrived, so you are not waiting outside in the cold
  • A request for a review with a discount on the next booking as a thank you for you making time to do this

How does your recruitment process compare? In a 24/7 world with enabling technology, high expectations and automated processes, there are no excuses to be anything but excellent. Otherwise your candidates may go cold on you and join your competitor.

This Christmas when you are attending parties and waiting for a taxi, think about how you can humanise your recruitment process more, and the opportunity cost of not doing so.

Rachel Brushfield Rachel Brushfield is The Talent Liberator at Energise – The Talent Liberation Company, founded in 1997. She is a career strategist, coach and published author, with a career heritage in marketing and brand strategy and communications who helps her clients enjoy uplifting breakthroughs at major career crossroads. Rachel’s career coaching specialisms are helping women professionals and executives to gain more career fulfilment and comfortably and competently market themselves, and creating, editing and marketing portfolio careers for a future proof and sustainable career. Rachel co-runs the network PWHub with CPD style quarterly events for senior employed women in Oxfordshire.

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Mobile: 07973 911137

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