After an unprecedented year for everyone we would like to say thank you to all our clients, partners and those we’ve collaborated with during 2020. Here are a few highlights of our year that we’d like to share:

  • Skye Business Solutions & Avatar Recruitment We are excited to announce that Miranda, William & team joined forces with Avatar Recruitment – originally founded in 2010 by Chris Dyckes. In the last few months, we have been working hard on making this merger work and driving the growth of our joint business. From day one Avatar has been going an extra mile for clients and candidates alike, listening to their needs, and devising an action plan so they could find or fill a position quickly, as well as getting it right first time & every time; standard practice for Skye Business Solutions too.
    We will continue to operate under the Avatar Recruitment name, focussing on search and selection of IT, Digital, Finance, Industry as well as Executive recruitment.
  • New Marlow Head Quarters We moved into shiny new offices (Marlow Place, Station Rd) this week, and look forward to normality in 2021, interviewing candidates in person once more. We will hopefully have a ‘roof-wetting’ during the first half of the new year, once safe to do so of course!
  • Solutions to support customers during the pandemic It is reassuring to hear how the pandemic has provided positive growth for some of our clients. Pearmine Health for example opened a whole new production plant manufacturing biodegradable, vegan-friendly disinfectant wipes; and we have had the pleasure of assisting them with financial, management and quality assurance resources! Lexacom The home of Digital Dictation saw huge growth in the demand for their technology enabling Law Firm and Medical Professionals to dictate from court or home; and we assisted them with IT Support Desk staff. The same with MSP’s Dragon IS and ACS Technologies to name a few others.
  • CV Sourcing, Shortlisting & Careers Button Solution We were delighted to be able to offer this add-on service for clients without the budget for 360 recruitment. It is an offering that utilised our access to all the popular job boards & LinkedIn. We rewrite the job advert, multi publish the advert and then shortlist the application all for a once-off low-priced fee, perfect for SME’s and Charities, one of which we are assisting at the moment. Some of our clients are now sporting a ‘Careers Button’ which they use to recruit easy to find Candidates, but still to us for the ‘difficult to find’ resources.
  • Accounting Firms We are really pleased to be working with some Practice Clients in the Home Counties. As people are moving out of the City of London, working from home the transition has been organic, some seriously Senior Executive candidates who would now be willing to work in the Home counties rather than go back to commuting to London. These vacancies include Qualified Accountants, Tax Managers, Auditors & more.
  • School Hours / Flexible-working Recruitment A lot more of our clients are now willing to take onboard Senior experienced Candidates offering the flexibility of working from home on a part-time or job-share basis. Great news for those parents previously being told that they had to be in the office 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!
  • Transition from office to home We’d like to celebrate both the Avatar and Skye Business Solution teams who were exceptional when transferring working from the office to home, so seamlessly. With the help of one of our clients – MSP Phones, we implemented a VOIP phone system and can now pretty much take client and candidate calls anywhere, anytime!
  • Customer retention A huge thank you to our clients during these turbulent times, we’re very happy to have continued to serve you all and are proud of our customer retention rate over this strange year.
  • Finally and most importantlyIn ordinary years we would have spent a budget on client gifts and posting out Christmas cards; however in light of everyone working from home, plus most charities having lost the opportunity to raise much-needed funds, we are donating this budget to our chosen charity SportsAble this year. Please do consider doing the same if you wish to support disability sports development.

Wishing you the very best for the festive break and a prosperous 2021, from William, Miranda, Chris & the team! 

PS. We won’t be closing during Christmas and New Year this year, as we know that it is a convenient time of the year for job seekers. Your dream candidate will more than likely be scrolling through LinkedIn, job boards and social media on Boxing Day, so to make sure your vacancy is front and centre over this period, please do get in contact with us before your holiday starts.

Our customers fill over 90% of the jobs entrusted to us when afforded exclusivity; and coupled with our fee being fixed at 15% across the board it is a no-brainer why we should be on your PSL.

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