In our last newsletter Avatar pointed out the complexity of leaving Brexit with regards to employment and employment law, to assist as part of the decision process.

You may be pleased to hear that we are liaising closely with the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) regarding feedback after Brexit on the job market, and to date business seems to be as normal! Despite all the ‘doom and gloom’ predicted by the money markets, there has been no ‘knee jerk’ reactions, in fact the money markets have not suffered unduly and my pension provider has informed me that our pension investments have grown, performing well since April 2016!

Avatar will endeavour to keep you updated on the trends every quarter so that we can monitor the effects.


Avatar is reviewing new technology to enhance its offers to its clients which includes online interviewing using the latest technology and internet lines to have meeting rooms where we can see our candidates and interview them, recording them if required and sending the recording to our clients for their review as part of the recruitment process. We are also looking at online testing, which is an online pre-employment screening to measure competency and assessment of skills, offering training to match their requirements, plus testing to ensure the retention of knowledge. This includes everything from software skills such as Microsoft Office, Sage to typing skills and language translation. This is also compatible with our new software by Voyager so the links can be generated by our CRM system.

Technology and the Recruitment Industry go hand in hand these days, moving at such a fast pace that it is difficult to keep up, but Avatar embraces this and wants to offer our clients and candidates the best experience!


Our warmest congratulations go out to Anitha and her family who have just had a new addition in the way of a baby girl! Anitha who is part of the research area of the business is overjoyed that they now have a boy and a girl to be part of their unit!

Avatar has reached out to its partners to provide some more interesting features for you, please look at the links below and read on…

9 Steps to Avoid Overload

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unproductive?

If you are, you are not alone. We all have those days sometimes; in this fast paced technological world they are becoming more frequent. The World Health Organization reports that workplace stress costs businesses £250 billion each year. That’s a lot of burnout!

If you’re suffering from exhaustion and burnout you can discover the 9 Steps to avoid burnout below…

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To just keep going and ignore the signs just makes those feelings of overwhelm ten times worse. One of the main reasons we experience stress and feeling out of control is down to unrealistic expectations. You can read here Why Your Expectations Stress You Out and how to quickly remedy feeling back in control of your stress.

Why Your Expectations Stress You Out ›

Nicola Ménage stress and anxiety consultant helps instigate positive change. She enthusiastically assists individuals and companies to manage their stress. She enthuses with a ‘can do’ approach to improve performance and make individuals and teams fit for “their purpose”.

Nicola’s Stress Solutions ›

Nicola runs bespoke fun interactive seminars and workshops…

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You can contact Nicola on:

0845 833 9733

Or by visiting her website:

How to communicate more effectively!

Last but certainly not least…

Understanding yourself and your personality style is key to communicating more effectively with others.

The amazing Maggie Newton is holding an event on just that subject very soon…

Click on the image below for more information…


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