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It is Spring. At last!

The winter months can feel long and drag on, especially in lockdown. Then suddenly before you know it, it’s getting lighter and greener everywhere.

Resolutions made at New Year feel a long time ago, and making time to have a spring-clean, physically, emotionally and mentally, as well as in other ways, is a great idea to set you up to maximise the growth you seek, personally and professionally.

In the old days, a spring-clean was an annual ritual to clean your home from top to bottom, as well as wash things cleaned rarely, e.g. curtains.

It’s a ritual worth keeping, as without a prompt, it can be easy to carry on and forget to review important things that aren’t necessarily urgent.

Why make time for a personal spring-clean?  

When you have too many things to do, why on earth make time for a spring-clean? Life can be hectic, especially if you have children and are home schooling.

People in life do the best they can, and it is easy to carry on, just as you are, changing nothing. Equally, you can have good intentions to make changes, but forget or more pressing things take precedence.

We all behave and manage our lives in ways that we have developed accidentally or more consciously, and often we don’t feel that we can choose to make things different, or we don’t make time to enable change to happen.

One action can have huge implications. A health check showed a health problem that was undetected for me, now resolved. Time and money well spent. A pension review taking an hour could make the difference between peace of mind and worry in retirement. Improving your filing system could save you hours of lost time and stress.

Coaching is like a spring-clean.

It’s about making time to think about you, increasing your self-awareness, getting clear about what’s important and your priorities, then making changes easily on your terms in simple steps. A coach is like a mirror, helping you to see for yourself what is hard to see by yourself.

Many people put their own needs last, which is why having the discipline of checking in with a coach creates a commitment to their development and change.

Checklist for a thorough spring-clean

Here are some suggested headings and questions for your spring-clean.


How’s your health? Are you ignoring any niggles? When was the last time you had an eye test, health check or went to the dentist? Without health, there’s nothing else, so make it a priority to keep yours at its best.


Do you do any exercise regularly? What kind of exercise do you love doing? When and where is the best location to do exercise so it happens?


How’s your diet? Do you eat healthily overall? How could you ensure that you have healthy food to hand especially when you’re busy or stressed?


Does your home environment give you the space and ambience that you desire? How could you make it more ‘you’? How does your desk area enable you to work productively and with a good posture?  Especially in Lockdown. One of my career coaching clients improved their working area in the living room, their ‘office’ in lockdown and it has made a massive positive improvement in how they feel, as their physical environment and ambience is very important to them.


Are your relationships satisfying and equal or do some feel one-sided or draining of your energy with little back? How could you maximise your happiness in future by reviewing who you spend time with? Lockdown has put the spotlight on who does what with home tasks and home schooling. What changes could make all the difference? What is the best way to initiate a conversation

Self image

How are you feeling about how you look? In lockdown, the sales of comfortable clothes and slippers have grown massively. Do your clothes and accessories need a spring-clean? Are the buttons falling off your clothes? When was the last time you reviewed and updated your look?  What’s the best way for you to review your wardrobe? Consider making time for a ‘wardrobe weed’.

Job satisfaction

Do you love your job/career? How satisfied do you feel at work and what changes could you make, small or drastic so that your work becomes more satisfying? In future weeks, we will be sharing various insights and tips to help you energise your career.


What a steep learning curve we have been on in the last 12 months with our reliance on our home computers, Zoom, Team etc!

Is your computer an antique that is always crashing with years’ of old files clogging it up? How and when do you back up your data? Are you managing your e mails as efficiently as you could do? What software and Apps and on-line tech tools could make your life easier?

Are you at a major career crossroads and needing or wanting to change career direction?

Contact Rachel Brushfield to arrange your free 20 minute no obligation chat about how to future-proof your career.

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