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Checklist for a thorough spring-clean


Can you put your hands on the info you need within seconds or does it take hours to find papers? How could you overhaul your filing so that you waste a minimum of time?

Space utilisation

Are you using all the space in your home/office as much as you could? What crafty ways would free up more space, giving your home and/or office less clutter and more calm and space? My mother spotted the space to add in a cupboard in my office and this has been incredibly useful! This one of her talents. What are yours

Emotional health

How are you feeling in yourself? How good do you feel most of the time? How do you manage difficult emotions?

Mental stimulation

How’s your brain? Does it feel stimulated? How do you feed it? What cerebral ‘snacks’ could you offer it to keep your mind alive and your memory sharp? Or perhaps it needs less stimulation, and more being time.

Energy and sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? How much water do you drink each day? What easy ways can you think of to give yourself more energy?

Sense of purpose

Do you have a sense of purpose for your life? Do you know what’s important to you and do you live your life spending time doing things that are important to you?


How do you contribute to the world? Recycling, giving money or time to a charity? What could be one small way you could contribute?


What are you focusing on this year? How motivated do you feel about your goals? How and when do you make time to focus on your goals?

Habits and behaviours

What habits and behaviours would you like to change? Putting others’ needs first; saying ‘no’ more often; being more assertive; stopping smoking; opening post when it arrives rather than letting it pile up? Who or what could help you to make this change happen? What’s the first step? I make resolutions in Spring not new year, because this works better.

Financial health

How’s your Bank balance? Are your credit cards getting out of control? Do you have a will? Is it up to date? Do you have a savings account set up? Could you be paying more tax than you need to? What provision have you made for your future? When was the last time you reviewed your finances? Are you happy with the rates and service that you are getting from your Bank? A financial review is easy to put off but doing it soon could make a big difference to your pension and investments. We are approaching the end of the 2020/2021 tax year, so now is a very good time to make this a priority.


What do you say to yourself? Do you have an inner ‘critic’ that keeps on putting you down? How could you change this self-talk so that it’s more positive and supportive? I have a cheerleader character with pom poms to counter my inner critic !

Support systems

Who or what could enable you to live and work smarter? Have you considered a virtual PA, career coach, cleaner, gardener? What/who in future would make all the difference to free you up to have more time doing what you enjoy – doing more wants and less ‘shoulds’?

The above areas are only suggestions, choose your own headings that feel right for your personal spring-clean.

Top 10 tips to help your spring-clean

Here are 10 tips that will help you with your spring-clean.

  1. Choose 3 sub headings from parts 1 and 2 of this blog ‘Personal Spring-clean’ and focus on them first.
  2. Write a list of all the things you’re not getting around to doing e.g. changing a light bulb etc and plan time to address them and cross them off your list forever. I find writing tasks on individual post it notes works well as you see the pile getting visibly smaller as you do them, which is motivating!
  3. Plan time each week and review your progress at the end of each week.
  4. Put things you are not getting around to doing in a pile on the floor so you cannot avoid them. It’s a great motivator to get it done!
  5. If you feel that you are lacking time, reflect on the opportunity cost of not making time for a clear out/spring-clean.
  6. Put the list of things that you want/need to do for your spring-clean in a prominent place, e.g. on the fridge, screensaver on your computer or mobile phone, and use reminders to remember.
  7. Once allowed with lockdown rules reduced, plan an away day with yourself to take stock and ensure that you minimise your stress and maximise your satisfaction. An away day on a train to a place that appeals, a lovely lunch taking your laptop is an expedient and enjoyable way to reflect and plan.
  8. Commit to making your life and career more enjoyable and less stressful – what you focus on is what you get.
  9. Choose an expected career coach who can help you to focus on you and re-energise your career.
  10. Think about what one thing that if you changed it, would make all the difference, and make this your no 1 focus. It could be going to bed earlier, drinking more water, taking a lunchbreak or something else.



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