Avatar Recruitment is delighted to report the most ‘hot off the press’ information from the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation), on the employment market. Could this affect your business?

For all those of you who are looking for new roles at present, there is some excellent news hot off the press from the REC on the current labour market and for those of you recruiting, some interesting statistics to consider when recruiting for new roles and what the information will mean for you!

GDP is currently slowing in growth and was at 2.0% for 2016 and for this year is forecast to be between 1.6% and 1.9%.

There is currently record employment with 31.95 million in employment – now showing as 74.8% the highest since 1971 when records began and juggling for position with Germany who are around 75%. Compare this to the US whose employment is 62% – 63%.

Unemployment is low at 4.6% which is down from 5.1% at the end of 2015.

There are 381,000 more people in work now than a year ago, with 777,000 vacancies advertised every month, resulting in 3.7 million more jobs since 2010!

Report on Jobs for June 2017 which is the REC research shows that permanent appointments have seen the sharpest increase for over two years.

For the employer, this demonstrates that you will find it harder to fill jobs and that starting salaries are already continuing to grow, along with temp rates. For more information and advice on any recruitment campaigns, please contact an REC member for further support! Avatar is a Corporate member.

The other news is that the REC is trying to influence Government, so that any new policies that affect the Employment Market is given the utmost consideration by Government before running them out, such as deep analysis, conducted on behalf of the REC regarding the Migration Policy, Data Protection and IR35 plus the effects on the Self Employed who life is getting more challenging for, but who take a great deal of risk, with few benefits now!

Now that you are probably in full time employment, you need to be watching what Mortgage advice you are getting and my friend and colleague Terry Humphreys has published some information below, although dated Autumn/Winter 2016 it is still very relevant and my other colleague Nigel Scrimshaw can find you the perfect holiday tailored to your needs both in the UK and abroad, whatever your desire is.

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