It has been a difficult time for many looking in the job market and whilst companies have used the economic downturn to slim their work force down and batten down the hatches, there has been genuine reasons for releasing staff other than getting rid of the less than productive workers.

So if you are in this position where your company has had to make redundancies and release you from their workforce, make sure that your application to a potential new employer makes sense in terms of your career aspirations and goals and development?  Clients are suspicious of taking on new staff that have gone through the redundancy process and decided on a sudden change of career offering no previous experience and skills?  Or it may be that you have held a senior role and decided that you would be happy in a role that was not quite at board level?  Questions that would go through a potential employers mind are that you may get board in the role, using it as a stepping stone until better prospects come along, losing their investment in both time and training you, let alone the agency costs involved.

So look at your key strengths and make sure your CV reflects those with details of your key responsibilities and achievements whilst in the role, but above all make it punchy by using a bullet-point format as the information needs to jump out of the paper at the client and reflect the skills needed in the role that you apply for.  I see so many CV’s that forget to mention the fact that you have travelled overseas on behalf of your employer or the soft skills where you are working in business partnership with other team managers, helping them to achieve their goals and targets.  It is almost worth tailoring your CV to each role that you apply for reflecting the key skills demanded by the role.


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