Chris Dyckes, Director for Avatar Recruitment Consultancy blogs this month on the latest hot topic:

Which do you prefer Job Boards or LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has now become a major recruiter tool, however if you are looking to change your career, would you respond to contact from a Recruitment Consultant specifically targeting your profile or would you prefer to use the job boards?
As a seasoned recruiter, I can say that there are advantages to both, however although people can put in their LinkedIn profile that they are open to career opportunities, they may well no longer be actively looking for their next career move, so frustratingly we can spend a lot of time trying to reach out to uninterested parties. At least those on the job boards should ideally be active about their next move!

So how much time should you put into looking for that next career move?  Some would say that it is a full time job just looking for a new role! Building a relationship with those acting on your behalf is critical to getting the right result for you, so invest time in that area if you want their focus on your next move.  Keep communication going at all times and if you are finding that your requests are not being listened to, find another recruitment consultant as there are plenty of quality recruiters out there and if they are serious about helping you, they will listen!

So which is the most popular?  In a recent survey by (January 2015) respondents highlighted that niche job boards receive 5-20 applicants per advert, with generalist job boards receiving 11-30 applicants per advert.  With 81% or respondents stating that the quality of applicants is critical to employers, this demonstrates that not only are job boards still incredibly relevant, but that the niche job boards are receiving excellent apply rates for every posted vacancy.

Although LinkedIn is setting its sights high with a target to achieve three billion members worldwide, many people forget that there is a workforce that does not quite fit the LinkedIn profile, leaving millions of people across the globe looking for alternative methods and job boards are becoming more aware and operating in a way that captures their interests using modern technology and social media tools.  Some modern software CRM systems even allow you to drag information from LinkedIn into the CRM system and job boards, allow you to make contact and download candidates CV’s that fit with a particular vacancy.  As I see it, both are still and will be an important recruitment tool for any recruiter and active candidate.

What is happening in the world of recruitment?

New figures from a major job board reveal a post-election bounce, with the availability of new jobs up 19% compared to the weeks running up to the election with candidates scarcity in certain sectors now challenging the recruitment market!

Thank you to Emma Browning and Michelle Morgan who contributed to the next two parts of this newsletter.  Emma who was formerly a client of mine has now set up her own business as an experienced HR specialist with a proven track record in delivering change management programmes, re-organisations, employee development and managing complex employee relation issues, whilst Michelle Morgan of Henmans Freeth has experience dealing with all aspects of non-contentious employment law; including drafting contracts of employment, staff handbooks, director’s service agreements, compromise agreements, consultancy agreements, as well as dealing with contentious employment issues such as negotiating compromise agreements, aiding disputed redundancy exercises and advising on TUPE transactions.  If you would like to get in touch with either Emma can be contacted on 01280 848415 and Michelle can be contacted on 01865781195.

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