How are you feeling about your career?

Most people don’t have a career strategy.

Are you one of them?

Lockdown has enabled many people to really think about whether they are happy in their career.

Are you?

In uncertain times, you need to have a career strategy and plan A, B and C.

This is a blog series sharing tips – this is part 1.

  1. Take responsibility for your own career
  2. Make time to think, reflect and plan
  3. Get a career coach and/or mentor
  4. Self-invest in your knowledge and skills
  5. Make time to look at and keep up with trends
  6. Define your personal brand
  7. Build your network

What S.M.A.R.T. actions will you take to implement these tips?

Rachel BrushfieldWhy not get in touch for your free no obligation meeting?

Rachel Brushfield, Career Strategist and coach. ‘The Talent Liberator.

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