Keeping the momentum with your job search part 1

It can be challenging to keep your motivation up day after day when looking for a new job or when changing career. Persistence is important, being creative and trying new approaches. This article is part 1 of 2 sharing some tips to keep up the momentum so you successfully achieve your goal. We have grouped the tips under headings.

Managing fears and feelings

• Keep a diary of your thoughts, feelings, achievements, frustrations, and learnings
• Write down the worst thing that could possibly happen, the likelihood of it occurring and ways you would successfully address it
• Write all your frustrations about your situation on a piece of paper and then burn it
• Jot down the negative things you say to yourself and give them characters. Give them a name and picture what they look like, so they make you laugh and think more positively when they appear
• Channel any frustration positively; dig the garden, punch a punch bag, write a poem etc

Goal and vision

• Visualise your goal and imagine how you will feel when you have successfully achieved it
• Revisit your goal and write down all the blocks to achieving it. Brainstorm ideas with a friend how you can overcome the blocks
• Set yourself a non-work-related goal and achieve it e.g. create storage in your loft or shed so that you can easily find things and do not waste time
• Write down 10 positive things about your skills, qualities and experience that make you marketable
• Write in the present tense the vision for what you will be doing in future; what you will be feeling, hearing, and seeing
• Create an image board of the job/work you desire and choose words and images that you like
• Write a list of your achievements
• Imagine your life 2 years into the future. Bring your attention back to the present – imagine what changes you need to make now to create what you want. Write down the actions you need to take and take them.

Keeping positive

• Stay positive most of each day and allow yourself to have a 15 minute ‘worry and anxiety break’ each day
• Celebrate your achievements, however small every day
• Write down daily 3 things you have to be grateful for including things you may take for granted e.g. the ability to breathe easily and walk
• Write a list of all the positive aspects of your situation, e.g. time to think, not being stuck in rush hour etc
• Write a list of all the things that do not cost money, do not hurt anyone and which give you pleasure and do at least one every day
• Write down all the positive learnings from your current situation and the benefits of these and how they will be useful in future e.g. more resilient, persistence etc.
• Remember that persistence is the no 1 factor for success. If what you are doing is not working, try something else
• Recall a positive experience from the past every day that makes you feel good
• Think of a time when you successfully overcame a challenge. Reflect on what you did and what enabled the positive result and how you can replicate this in future
• Create a file containing positive e mails, cards and keep adding to it. Look at it when you need a boost
• Recall a time in the past when things did not go as you originally planned or envisaged but how in hindsight, it all worked out for the best and better than your original vision
• Create a structure for each day and week and incorporate activities you enjoy in it
• Create a list of the things that if you do them each day, make you feel resourceful and positive e.g. go for a walk, phone a friend etc. Create a checklist and make sure that you do them each day.

Making the most of time

• Write down all the things you have not got around to doing in the house and garden and do them one at a time
• Do the jobs around the house that niggle you or your partner/housemates complain about?
• Call/visit a friend, neighbour, or family member you have not seen for a while
• Review your computer filing system – re-do the folders and sub folders so it is easy to find things and have a clearout of old files
• Have a clear out of your paper files and improve your filing system
• Sort through your photographs and clearly label them with names, places, and dates
• Do something new every day e.g. explore a road in your area where you have never been down or cook a new recipe
• Clear out the loft


• Update your skills and knowledge – read books, trade magazines, surf the net
• Get a mentor
• Think of something you would like to improve and identify someone who is skilled at what you want to be good at. Spend time with them and find out what it is they do

Creative approaches

• Brainstorm new approaches and try at least one new one each week
• Think of someone you admire. Imagine how they might tackle the challenges you are facing
• Create a job description for your ideal job
• Offer to do a project for a friend’s business to get some experience and get a reference
• Create a memorable short phrase that summarises what you do

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UK Job Market – hot off the press!

Welcome to our latest blog – packed with news from the world of recruitment.  To go straight to the article that interests you most, click on the headline.

Balmy days for the UK job market – but storm clouds lie ahead

Happy news!  We’re ethical!

Interview insight – just engage

Hot news!  How the government got it wrong …
… and other Employment Law nuggets

Balmy days for the UK job market – but storm clouds lie ahead.
We’re members of the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation).  This means we’re on the ball – always up-to-date with changes and developments in the recruitment market.  The other day we attended a webinar which highlighted the current happy state of the UK job market.  It seems that the current growth in the economy is contributing towards a healthy 32.3 million people in work – 0.5% up on the same quarter last year.  Even better, the unemployment rate is down to 4.3% – historically a negligible figure and one of the best, even rivalling Germany.

However, the news isn’t all rosy (whenever is it?).  Employers are struggling to fill roles.  There are currently over 810,000 job vacancies, demonstrating a worrying candidate shortage.  Once Brexit is done and dusted, this market will doubtless be squeezed even further.

Need to know more about the UK Job Market?  Get in touch.

Happy news! We’re ethical!
We’re proud of our ethical standards.  That’s why we’re a Corporate member of the REC.  To be a member, every two years, we have to sit an exam on our industry’s Conduct Regulations.  The other week, my turn came around and … I passed with flying colours!  This means I’m good at what I do.  So, if you’re not sure you’re getting the support you deserve from your recruitment network, just get in touch.

Interview insight – just engage
“How did it go?”, I asked a crestfallen candidate the other day.  He’d just returned from an interview for a role as a Mechanical Engineer.  His reply –
“The feedback was that I didn’t interact.  I was difficult to extract information from.  What’s their problem?  I applied for a role as an Engineer – not a Radio Presenter”.
This was sad news for both of us.  But this tale does underline the important, often ignored, truth.  Your skills are important.  Of course they are.  But so are your ‘people skills’ – especially during the interview process.  But there’s good news.  I use my wide experience in the world of jobs to provide interview training that will make all the difference.

Find out more.  Get in touch …

Employment Law nuggets
Michelle Morgan of Gardner Leader Solicitors is a good friend and colleague.  She’s an employment solicitor.  Every so often we get together and bat around newsinformation and ideas.  Here are some snippets from our last meeting.

Hot news!  How the government got it wrong
Since July 2013, UK workers, wanting to bring a claim to tribunal, have been hit with a triple-whammy.  They are charged an initial fee.  Then, if the claim is heard, they must pay a second fee, and yet a third charge if they want to appeal the decision.

It transpires that, Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful under both UK and EU law because they prevent access to justice.

Following their introduction in 2013, Unison have been fighting the ruling.  In two High Court challenges and in the Court of Appeal, they were unsuccessful.  Unison’s final appeal to the Supreme Court was heard on early in 2017 … and they were successful, with the decision being announced in July.

So – what does this mean for aggrieved employees?

Currently, if you want to bring an employment tribunal claim, there’s no fee to pay.  With the Government currently preoccupied with Brexit, there are no immediate plans to change this.  Employment lawyers do believe that fees might be introduced in the long term – but at a reduced rate.  So, access to justice shouldn’t be unduly affected.

What about fees already paid or due to be paid?

The Supreme Court has clearly stated that the Lord Chancellor’s Department must refund all fees paid since 2013.  The Lord Chancellor has acknowledged this.  The total to be re-paid could amount to around £33 million.  The Ministry of Justice and the Courts Services announced recently that there would be a phased implementation of the scheme.  Initially, the Courts will invite approximately 1,000 eligible parties to apply for reimbursement.  Full roll-out of the scheme is expected to take place in the coming weeks.  Successful applicants will also receive interest at a rate of 0.5%, calculated from the date of the original payment up until the refund date.

Those entitled to a refund include:

  • Parties who paid an issue fee which was not later paid by their opponent.
  • Parties who were ordered to pay their opponent’s costs.

If you think you may be entitled to a refund, register your interest by e-mail to –

If you have any employment law queries, either as an employer or an employee, Michelle Morgan would be delighted to help.  Send an email to –

To find out more about any of these topics or anything ‘recruitment’

Give me call – Chris Dyckes – 01295 724570.

Or send an email –


It would be great to hear from you.

REC figures on the Economy!

Avatar Recruitment is delighted to report the most ‘hot off the press’ information from the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation), on the employment market. Could this affect your business?

For all those of you who are looking for new roles at present, there is some excellent news hot off the press from the REC on the current labour market and for those of you recruiting, some interesting statistics to consider when recruiting for new roles and what the information will mean for you!

GDP is currently slowing in growth and was at 2.0% for 2016 and for this year is forecast to be between 1.6% and 1.9%.

There is currently record employment with 31.95 million in employment – now showing as 74.8% the highest since 1971 when records began and juggling for position with Germany who are around 75%. Compare this to the US whose employment is 62% – 63%.

Unemployment is low at 4.6% which is down from 5.1% at the end of 2015.

There are 381,000 more people in work now than a year ago, with 777,000 vacancies advertised every month, resulting in 3.7 million more jobs since 2010!

Report on Jobs for June 2017 which is the REC research shows that permanent appointments have seen the sharpest increase for over two years.

For the employer, this demonstrates that you will find it harder to fill jobs and that starting salaries are already continuing to grow, along with temp rates. For more information and advice on any recruitment campaigns, please contact an REC member for further support! Avatar is a Corporate member.

The other news is that the REC is trying to influence Government, so that any new policies that affect the Employment Market is given the utmost consideration by Government before running them out, such as deep analysis, conducted on behalf of the REC regarding the Migration Policy, Data Protection and IR35 plus the effects on the Self Employed who life is getting more challenging for, but who take a great deal of risk, with few benefits now!

Now that you are probably in full time employment, you need to be watching what Mortgage advice you are getting and my friend and colleague Terry Humphreys has published some information below, although dated Autumn/Winter 2016 it is still very relevant and my other colleague Nigel Scrimshaw can find you the perfect holiday tailored to your needs both in the UK and abroad, whatever your desire is.

Hooray the job market is taking off!

Positive news has come in today from the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) our governing body on the economy and the current market!

Recent figures are reported that there are only 2.5 million unemployed at present against the predication of 4 million and largely thanks to the active work that employment agencies are putting in to support the economy. So love us or hate us, we are obviously contributing to the success and expansion of organisations across Europe!

The current labour market has grown by .5% in Q3 and the OBR forecast for the year is 2.4%. The economy is now past any previous peak with 31.12 million in work and our employment rate is 73.6% which is second best in the World to Germany who are currently on 74%. Unemployment fell from 6% to 5.4% over the last year. However a note to those recruiting in the near future is that there is now a skills shortage in over 60 areas, construction, chefs (despite the popularity of TV food related programmes), factory staff and engineering being amongst the highest!

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